Thursday, July 15, 2010

Room 401

its one in the morning.
i am wondering now..
my heart say yes..
and it beat so fast..
i run away
we'll meet at room 401

it feels so good tonight
i want it more and more

i'm telling you,
my stories
you telling yours
and it feel so right

i don't want go home right now
wanna be with u..
cause tonight is the best damn night

it's one month the after
i am wondering now
my heart is broken
and u never coming back
u ran away
away room 401

it feel so right that night
i don't want t think about it any more

i am telling you..
one last thing..
it was my mistake
and it feel so right..
i just wanna go home right now
wanna be by my self
cause that night is really damn night..